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Services Offered

Kizkiznobite | Dog Behaviourist & Trainer

I can offer the following services for all breeds of dog.

  • 1:1 behavioural re-modelling
  • temperament assessment
  • breed awareness
  • conditioning responses
  • nutritional advice
  • puppy socialisation

My services are offered under the following contract  My Contract and all services come with a written report and after service (including telephone/online advice) and 2 follow-up visits a year for the life of the dog.

Once you are happy to register as a client, please complete this questionnaire  Registration Questionnaire  as fully as possible and return it to me with the appropriate fee.

My fees are on a sliding scale with substantial discounts for rescued and traumatised dogs and an online advisory service for dog carers.

Modification Plans Cost Notes

Registration Fee £20 (£10 for each additional dog) one-off charge
Assessment Visit £15 hr assessment hourly rate
(average assessment time 2hrs)
Intensive Plan £160 one-off charge
5 lots of 4 hr sessions over 2 weeks
Tailored Plan £190 one-off charge
20 hours over an agreed time period
Puppy Plan £400 one-off charge
50 hours over an agreed time period
(usually for puppies)
Extra Visits* £30 for a 4 hour session 
*when taken following one of the 3 plans above
Individual Sessions    
Care and Welfare £15 hr hourly fee
Puppy Socialisation
Breed Awareness
£10 hr hourly fee

Behavioural Modification (individual sessions)    
(resource, defence, pain)
£15 hr hourly fee

Conformity Adjustment
(following injury / habit conditioned reflex)
£12 hr hourly fee

Classical or Operant Conditioning Modification £15 hr hourly fee
Clicker Training Sessions £10 hr hourly fee
Intellegence & Response Test £15 one-off charge
Travel Costs    
40p a mile for the first 100 miles from Rugby 30p a mile thereafter nb: for clients who live more than 150 miles away from Rugby
travel will be discussed at the initial contact.


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